Major Rides


These crowd favorites are sure to put a smile on your face. Come on out and ride them today!

108Drop Zone
Dare to ride this 44 Foot drop. Ride in the front or ride in the back. There are plenty of seats for your whole group to take on this ride together.

4 tickets per person per ride

37Giant Swing
Reaching for new heights? You’re sure to get there riding the Giant Swing. One of the tallest attractions in the park, the Giant Swing sends four guests on the ride of their life with fast speed, high heights, and thrilling sights. This is a ride you won’t want to miss. 

8 tickets per person per ride

Screaming Eagle Coaster18
Visited by roller coaster enthusiasts across the nation, our Screaming Eagle Coaster is packed with major excitement. Multiple drops and quick track turns make this attraction one of the most popular.

6 tickets per person per ride

This isn’t your regular arachnid. This Fun Park classic never fails to delight even the most adventurous guest. Eight arms move vertically while each bucket spins at top speeds. Can you keep your balance after riding the Spider? Come check it out to see.

 4 tickets per person per ride

All height and weight requirements apply.