Food & Beverages


Food and Beverages
Whether you are looking for a snack or a full dinner, our multiple food locations have exactly what you are craving!

Junction Diner
Visit Junction Diner located inside of Fun Junction USA’s main building. With a large¬†menu ranging from made fresh whole pizzas to crispy chicken tender meals, you and your family will love the selections. Junction Diner makes everything fresh everyday! Conveniently located next to Playmaze, sit the whole family down in the dinning area then get straight back to playing.

Pit Stop
Take a quick break from the fun and quench your thirst at Pit Stop. Located next to Road Course, Pit Stop is your one stop beverage station. Pit Stop also serves fluffy cotton candy, ice cream, and a variety of chips and candy. Don’t let your thirst slow down the fun. Stop in for a quick snack or chilling Arctic Blast!

Jana’s Snack Shack
Serving fresh made funnel cakes, Jana’s Snack Shack is by far one of the most popular food locations in the park. Enjoy your treats next to the lake or under the gazebos. Jana’s also serves fluffy cotton candy, refreshing beverages, and a variety of chips and candy.

Jana’s Snack Shack is open seasonally; Funnel Cake mini sticks available at Junction Diner